I went through the religious motions when I was in 7th grade but I just did it because that’s what all my friends were doing. I went a long time in life thinking I could do what I wanted and act the way I wanted because I had been baptized. I led the life I wanted to lead until my son was 8 years old and he gave his life to Christ at a Team Impact event.

The only reason my son was at a church and heard about Christ was because my Dad and Step-Mom took him to church with them on Sunday. I received a phone call the night my son gave his life to Christ from an old co-worker that I worked with at Halliburton. He told me that my son gave his life to Christ and that I needed “to get my rear into church.” I started going to church and after attending church for a while, I realized I was living a life that was heading down a road of destruction. I gave my life to Christ in April of 2012.

My life has not been all cupcakes and roses since I started following Christ, but I can tell you what has happened. I lost a lot of my loneliness and depression and gained a family that I never knew I could have for the longest time. 

On March 9, 2016, I went into the ER with shortness of breath and chest pain. After several tests and running EKG, they admitted me to the hospital with heart problems. They ran 3 more EKG’s and all showed bad. The next day they had me do a chemical stress test and found abnormalities, so a heart cath was scheduled.

I had many people praying over me during this time. On Tuesday, March 15th I went in for my heart cath, but the results showed no blockage what so ever! They also did an echocardiogram and my heart muscle was good. The doctors couldn’t figure out why. ​I told them that I knew what happened I was healed by the GREAT PHYSICIAN!


God Bless!

1 Corinthians 1:17 “For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to evangelize – not with clever words, so that the cross of Christ will not be emptied of its effect.”

 tommy cox

Tommy C.



As long as I can remember, when I would go into my Mammaws room at night or early morning, she always had her old King James Bible wide open on her bed. Every night she read & studied it, falling asleep to it. Every Sunday, she took me & my cousins to church & I would watch her neal on those steps before the Lord. I always thought how brave she was & how cool it seemed. She was so full of faith & wisdom. I didn’t quiet understand it, but I longed to be like her. She tithed diligently. Even when she was sick and couldn’t leave the house, she had her pastor come get a check every payday. Much of my family, including me, somewhat felt a little resentful about that. Here she was on her death bed with cancer and all this man cares about is getting that check. Well, it all makes sense now!!!! See, my Gma was old school & held steady to the solid Christian ways she was taught. Tithing was important to her & that pastor knew that. He was only following her wishes. Spending time with the Lord DAILY was important to her. In all her stuborness & sometimes down right mean or harshness lol, My Mammaw was one of the Godliest women I’ve ever known. I’m so thankful for those precious memories & examples she set without even realizing it. This little girl watched her every move! I didn’t understand how important it was then but now that I look back, it brings a tear to my eye. I’m so very thankful & blessed for the seeds her & many other family members planted in my heart & mind. All these years I’ve walked around lost & confused. I’m finally figuring it out. It’s all coming together & those seeds are beggining to grow & sprout! Oh how I miss that lovely woman & can’t wait to see my Mammaw again in my forever home! I hope to be even half the woman & example she was for me!
Ps, you’ll never guess what I held onto of hers all these years? Her bible, cover, notes & all…I cherish it!!!!

Melissa D.




I just want to use this post to say, first off I am not calling anyone out. I pushed God away for so long! I felt so empty! I have a life full of all the things I ever wanted and still felt something was missing! I felt as if he was up there then why is everything going so wrong down here! I don’t know how to explain to anyone how I am being filled now! The Holy Spirit is moving through me! I felt so unworthy of God’s love because I pushed him away and I knew hardly anything He or Jesus had done for us, for ME! Once I was saved, I mean from the second I was saved, I felt a relief through my mind, my heart, my body, but mostly my soul. As I read and learn and pray more and more every day I feel myself become more and more joyous, more full! I hope that I can touch just one person with this and tell you that it does get better. Life is hard, I will not lie, I still struggle, but in that struggle I still find the joy! I am still new in my faith but growing stronger in it every day! I can try to answer your questions but I am still learning. I am listening to God as I write this post silly as it may seem to you but He is telling me to tell you all what He is doing in my life, so you all may come to Him as well. I would also like to say if any of you do not have a church, Calvary Baptist Church starts at 10:45 a.m. tomorrow and I would love to see y’all there! I love you all!

Torie K.



I was raised in Church by Godly Christian parents. We attended Church every Sunday morning and night. We attended every Wednesday night prayer meeting and every Revival service.
At the age of 12 several of my friends were getting “baptized” so I
talked to my parents and Pastor. I “prayed the prayer” and “walked the aisle” and was Baptized, but there was no conversion. I would tell myself I did what I was supposed to do so I was “saved”, but I had no desire to serve God.

About 4 years later I was at Church Camp. I was only there because there were lots of girls there. I was not interested in anything Spiritual, I just wanted to meet some girls.

The last evening of Camp we were at the evening Evangelistic service. I did not pay any attention to what the speaker said, I didn’t care what he had to say because I was already “saved”.

During the invitation The Holy Spirit spoke to me. I heard it just as if someone had spoken it aloud. “Bob, if you died right now you would go to hell and you know it”. It was at that moment I gave my heart to Christ. My life has never been the same. I was “Born again”.

I have had many ups and downs since then. But I now have the desire to do the will of my Heavenly Father.
I will continue my Christian Walk until God calls me home. I look
forward to the day I spend Eternity with Him….

Bob C. Texas