The young man lay down and closed his eyes, and took a deep breath of the Presence of God.

His mind was still very active, so inside, he knelt before God to bring another gift of worship, his everything-holding nothing back, but willing to be shown if anything was hindering his fellowship with God.

As the young man offered his gift to the King, He extended His hand to the young man from His throne to indicate that the young man should stay knelt down and said, “Now, I have something for you!”


As the young man waited before Him, the young man could tell he was in the Throne room like in outer space, where the earth was God’s footstool. There was no one else but the King and the young man. The young man was aware that without the King, he couldn’t be sustained where he was on his own. The young man was supported by nothing but the King’s invitation and pleasure. The young man was aware of the King’s Majesty and his own helplessness.

As the young man noticed his helplessness, the King changed the young man’s attention, as He stretched out a sword and dubbed the young man like a knight. The young man noticed that his garments changed as the young man was outfitted for the role.

The young man’s new outfit wasn’t a distraction to the King’s Majesty and love for him.

The young man’s attention changed to a huge door that opened for him as he stepped up to it. The doorkeepers recognized the young man and permitted passage like he belonged there.

As the young man stepped in, he immediately saw his King. This time the King was at the head of a round stone table and the young man was invited to take his own seat.

In the Throne room, the young man hadn’t looked up to see His face. Here at the Table, the young man saw his King. Seated in splendor, robed in white that was laced in gold, the King was surrounded by pure light so bright the young man could barely look at Him. The King’s hair and beard was also made of this light laced in gold. His crown was indescribably beautiful.

Obviously, the young man was stunned by His appearance, but it was His eyes that the young man can’t forget. The young man has seen those eyes repeatedly throughout the years since. Piercing, all knowing, all powerful!  Those eyes were filled with an eternal consuming flame of purest light. Gazing at Him could never be matched by another experience. Everything important was there in those eyes!

Jesus glanced around to draw the young man’s attention to the table and those around it. What the young man thought was a simple round stone table had become very long, even beyond a vanishing point, so he could not measure or begin to know how big it was.

Around this Table sat a multitude. Men and women from across all ages and cultures were also invited and seated there. The young man saw polished and refined leaders in the most ornate of uniforms across the spectrum of history ranging all the way down to bloodied and muddy soldiers who barely survived enough to get there.

The multitude of these warriors was varied and vast, but they all had one important thing in common: the eyes of our King. The Glory of having endured His cross and received the power of His resurrection, endured temptation and having hazarded their own lives for the sake of the King and His Kingdom.


The young man knew that there were many, but they were few compared to the mass called humanity, and he was invited to take his place there. As the young man took his place, he knew he was called to recruit and train others for this team.

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