God Still Heals! My Testimony by Dave C.

God Still Heals! My Testimony.


In early 2011, I began to have serious spine problems with bone spurs all up & down my spine (was shown this in x-rays). Having jobs for decades where I had to stand several hours per day, I was fully convinced that the bone spurs were caused or contributed greatly to by this. In March of that year, I had serious problems where my spine was pulled straight by my pelvic bone, causing pain like I had never experienced in my life! (I felt like I was plugged into 220 volts during the 10-20 second episodes!).


During the worst week, paramedics were called who finally got me off the floor. With my loving, supportive wife praying like crazy, I decided one night to REALLY cry out to God.


I knew I could not live like that for the rest of my life and did not have any insurance to cover surgeries (& did not want surgery even if I could have it).


That night I set an empty chair by the couch I was on praying and literally praying and believing that Jesus would come during the night and sit on the chair and talk to me and heal me. It was an amazing night of prayer and I know God heard my cries!


The next day or the day after, I went back to my Chiropractor walking in like a normal person. The previous visit I had to use a big umbrella like a cane & walked like a 100 year old man!


They did new x-rays that I saw with my own eyes and still remember the 2 doctors standing in the doorway looking at me and going “wow…wow”. They wanted to know if someone at my church had prayed for me (they had).


The before & after X-rays looked like 2 totally different people. Another chiropractor in New Mexico who heard my story & viewed the X-rays said that basically God did an adjustment on me!


I pray that someone who is reading this who possibly has given up hope or you may think that something like this can’t happen to you would reconsider that perhaps this may be the time for God to show His greatest power in your life.


My favorite verse is the part in Jeremiah 32:27 that says “..Is there ANYTHING too hard for the Lord?”


Why not set apart a special time and place to meet with God alone in His presence (read Ps 34:15).



I know from personal experience (“the man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with just an argument!”) that God can heal anything-our hearts, our bodies, our relationships, our spirits & even our finances.


Nothing shall be impossible to those who believe. Jesus said

“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, ALL things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23


For more details, the before and after X-rays etc. http://dcgraphicsandvideo.com/march_2011/


Dave C.



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