Dallas Stringer sees this happening at Calvary right now

These are some of the things I am seeing at Calvary right now:
1. Prayer warriors and the results of it! I wake up daily with messages of prayer reports from people. I hear reports of people pleading for the sick, the lost, and the burdened. So amazing!

2. People are leading in evangelism as opposed to the pastor having to be the only one. There is a burning desire to share the gospel to all of Pampa and when you couple that with the prayer warriors from above, the result is baptisms every single week.

3. Deacons who are truly deacons. These guys don’t fight or bicker. Nope, they live to serve. Deacons meetings aren’t something I dread to go to, rather it’s a place where ministry reports and prayers are shared. The result? A happy church and a blessed pastor.

These are just a few praises that are happening at Calvary. I’m not sharing this to make others jealous. I’m sharing this to encourage a prayer of revival and renewing. I share this to encourage you to know that the Lord is good and is still cares about us. DON’T GIVE UP ON HIS CHURCH