No Weeds In Heaven

No Weeds In Heaven


There won’t be no weeds in Heaven. Our yards won’t need a mow.

We won’t rake up old dried dead leaves. Never have to shovel snow.

No blisters, corns, or bruises, no troubles like here below!


The kids will all be happy, no crying will they make

Arthur-Ritis won’t get in, he’s missing for goodness Sake!

No more regrets, no more mistakes, or big mouths out of sorts

We’ll all be robed in righteousness, not worried about suits or shorts.


No mean bugs or beasts, no liars, cheats or thieves.

The Banquet table’s not fattenin,’ The singin’s all in key.

We’ll meet some folks up in the air we’d never thought we’d see.



The government is just, where Jesus rules as King.

His Righteousness, and peace, and joy filling everything.

More important’s what He’s done for us, more’n we could ever do

Our bill’s been paid, our sin’s been washed, our bodies all made new.