Launch Out Into the Deep and Let Down Your Nets For A Catch Part 3

Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch Part 3

Luke 5: 4 When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

crashing surf

Is Jesus welcome where you work? Not bums, but busy about their responsibilities, Jesus was looking for workers. Laziness is not a quality God desires in His harvesters. They weren’t passive either.

Simon’s simple perspective had him “washing the nets”. Simon’s team had not caught fish, but decided to be respectable about failing. There is a known rhythm in working and resting. Giving and receiving, praying and preaching.

Maybe it was “net repairing and washing” time of day. My pro fishing guide son can tell you that there are times of day that are better and worse for expecting to catch anything. Maybe the weather is more favorable some hours than others. Here in the Texas Panhandle, we expect the winds to pick up as the day goes on. Can you picture Simon throwing a net into the wind to have it blown right back into his face? We can.

My guide son ( –shameless plug) will also tell you that fish move around based on the water temperature, wind direction, phases of the moon, etc. Maybe the hour determined the location of fish and feasibility of fishing.  Maybe there were avoidable dangers in the deep at this time.

Simon, the Pro, knew when to be on the lake and when to be on the shore. Jesus’ timing is no less than perfect, ever. Jesus shows up and uses a boat that was strategically at shore.


One Command from the Creator gave Courage to the Craftsmen….


To be continued….

Dallas Stringer sees this happening at Calvary right now

These are some of the things I am seeing at Calvary right now:
1. Prayer warriors and the results of it! I wake up daily with messages of prayer reports from people. I hear reports of people pleading for the sick, the lost, and the burdened. So amazing!

2. People are leading in evangelism as opposed to the pastor having to be the only one. There is a burning desire to share the gospel to all of Pampa and when you couple that with the prayer warriors from above, the result is baptisms every single week.

3. Deacons who are truly deacons. These guys don’t fight or bicker. Nope, they live to serve. Deacons meetings aren’t something I dread to go to, rather it’s a place where ministry reports and prayers are shared. The result? A happy church and a blessed pastor.

These are just a few praises that are happening at Calvary. I’m not sharing this to make others jealous. I’m sharing this to encourage a prayer of revival and renewing. I share this to encourage you to know that the Lord is good and is still cares about us. DON’T GIVE UP ON HIS CHURCH

Sharee’s Testimony of Deliverance

As I have been going through some major changes in my life, I have been seeking direction and reassurance in the path that God has set me on. Just this morning, I awoke after dealing with rampant sickness and difficulty in my family when I finally had the opportunity to respond to a message from a long-time friend. He let me know he had moved several hours away from the same place in which I had previously encountered similar issues to his. Bondage, frustration, drug-addiction, and attempts to change – all to no avail. I encouraged him as best as I could in the moment and then proceeded to embrace all the goodness this  day would hold. I am a fighter, a survivor. I hunger and thirst for Truth, hold no secrets of my own, and am constantly seeking help in areas that are too difficult for me to overcome alone. I have found that serving others helps me to share light with them and offer encouragement on a particularly elevated level. During this magnificent day, I had the pleasure of getting to know a new friend a little more and encountered an experience that took me back to one of the greatest days of my life. Let’s rewind a bit.
It was the year 2009 and I was struggling greatly. I was saved, baptized, and had begun a  new life. I was constantly in my Bible – so much so, that I read it from cover to cover in about 4 months. However, I was still mixed in with old acquaintances and old habits that would one day result in nothing short of death if I did not change. One day, I was alone at my residence. I flushed down the toilet a major “investment” that I had purchased for someone else that didn’t go through. I was exhausted. There in my bedroom, I looked out of the window into the beaming sunlight and I uttered these words, “God, please help me rest.” Immediately, I heard a response. One word – “Rest.” So, that is exactly what I did.
I slept for a while, and when I awoke, I perceived the beams of the sun rays as red-hot lasers scanning every inch of my surroundings continually. I lay there in a cold sweat, not sure of what I was experiencing. I heard the voices of my little sister and mother praying on the other side of my bedroom door. Being still felt so uncomfortable, so I moved a bit. Once I did that, I heard dogs barking and footsteps pounding. I heard my little sister’s whispered screams of, “Sharee! Be quiet! Be still! Please!” So I did just that. Not many more moments passed and I began to feel the breath of dogs and their wet noses around the bed. I couldn’t “see” them, but I knew they were there, and that I was no longer just in my bedroom. I was in the midst of a prison that I had created! Once I was still long enough, the dogs retreated. This happened several more times. I thought my life was over.
After many more moments, the guard dogs left and pigs took their places. As I moved, they returned. Eventually, I was still long enough that nobody came. I could no longer hear my sister and mother on the other side of the door. And in all reality, nobody was there except for me. I laid there a while longer, terribly afraid. The rays of the sun transformed from the beams of a hot laser and into a  healing light, as the flames of a fire lancing a wound.
When I awoke, I looked up dogs and pigs in the Word and encountered the Truth of this verse: Matthew 7:6 (NKJV) Do not give what is holy to the dogs, nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces. Once I came back to awareness and stepped out of the vision, I knew something was different about me. I no longer had a desire to run in the circles that I had before. My life began to transform. This is a story that I am not ashamed of. This is a story of an  event that changed my life dramatically and re-charted my course, re-aligning me with my destiny. I pray it does the same for you.
That day, all “alone” in my bedroom, I was healed, delivered and set free from ties that had bound me for so long. I never struggled in that area nor went down that path again. Jesus and His saving grace chased me down that day. Since I allowed him into my heart, my life has been so full. When I encounter difficulties throughout the days, this vision is a constant reminder of Who I am, Whose I am, what only He can do, and that my story was not through. Be encouraged.