My Take on Calvary Baptist Church Dec. 7, 2015

Yesterday morning, as our meeting was coming to a close, many people were at the front. They were praying,
hugging, crying, laughing, blessing, and generally fellowshipping at a level rare to my 45 years of church experience.
Is this the Revival we have been praying for, waiting on, and investing in our whole lives?
About a year ago, we had about 200 in attendance. Now we are running about 400 every week. We
have baptized over 100 (mostly adults) in less than 4 months and new members are flocking to
discipleship classes and small group meetings. Our Sunday School attendance had been in decline and
threatened stopping altogether. Now we are scrambling to find enough chairs every Sunday morning.
The reports of changed lives are astounding! New Christians are walking away from dark lifestyles in
abundance as addictions to meth, alcohol, and deviant sexual behaviors are being turned away from to
walk anew in Christ. Whole families are coming to Christ.
Of course, not everyone is happy about it. You can imagine that as God changes people, some people
won’t change, and so our attendance is changing too. New faces abound and they glow with the joy of
Jesus in their faces!
We rejoice in what God is doing, but we also know we can fall if we start taking the glory to ourselves.