Musings about Death/Suicide by a local Sheriff

Tomorrow will one month since my nephew Matt decided to leave this world. His family is still trying hard to deal with his decision. I drove by his grave this morning and sat there thinking about the last 42 years and all the deaths I have dealt with in my law enforcement career and life in general. Somewhere around 80 to 100 I would guess. I have held the hands of accident victims while waiting on the ambulance and trying to comfort them knowing they were not going to make it. Accidents, murders and suicides, I have worked them all. I had two close cousins that took their lives and I wondered why. I guess the worst one I investigated was a 12 year old boy that spread out a sheet in the living room of his house and shot himself. He left a note telling his single mother that he knew he was a burden to her and she would be better off with him gone. Damn that one still haunts me! As I sat in my truck by Matt’s grave this morning I thought of my pastor Dallas Stringer and his sermon a week ago. I have always said that someone who does this is thinking there is no help for them and are not in their right mind. The sermon Dallas gave dealt with verses of the bible that sometimes we misinterpret. He talked of the one we say that God will not give you more than you can handle. I don’t believe that. Dallas said that God will given us more than we can handle because he is there for us to rely on to put his arms around us and support us during those times. I wish Matt and the others would have put their trust in our Lord to pull them through the hard times. Our family and any other family that has gone through this need to quit asking why and instead reach out to God for his strength and support to comfort us. Thanks Dallas for the words you spoke.