Father’s Worship

Father’s Worship


We won’t rush rudely into Your Presence

To get what we need and then leave-

We have now come to You as we are.

So please, bathe us ’til fit to receive.


Though our past flashes failures that whip,

Or successes that hold us at bay.

Can not deal with tomorrow.

Such grace we can’t borrow.

We seize Your great plan for today.


Turn our hearts into sweet harmony,

As our wills You align into one;

Our desires are open to You.

We have come here to follow the Son.


Whether working the fields ripe for harvest

Or lone in the closet of pray’r,

As our Christ is exalted,

And we are anointed,

We’ll go where You go – anywhere.



Waiting, hungry with anticipation

For whispers of Your loving Word.

Drawing close to hear all that You’re saying

Because of our thirst for You, Lord.



Whether snuggl’d close, safe in Your lap,

Giggling, bouncing so high on Your knee,

All our cares are erased

By Your tender embrace;

We’re together, alone, feeling free.


You’re the focus of our full attention.

We watch for the look in Your eyes,

As we hush for the beat of Your heart,

We are carried by You through the skies.


We can climb back up into Your lap

Once again just to bounce on Your knee

To be loved, yes, restored,

Heal’d, protected, and more,

Happy, salting the earth, being free.


‘Fore we leave from this place of Your Goodness,

To walk among people again,

Change our lives prepp’d to carry Your Presence;

Your passion to dwell among man.