WORD Rap – an attempt to Flo’

Word Rap

“The Word of God Is Alive and Powerful” Hebrews 4:12 NLT


The Word of God Is Alive and Pow’rful !–constant repeat kinda’ like a heartbeat rhythm

The Voice:

Yes, In the beginning, Jesus spoke and made the world,

The sun, the moon, and everything; sweet and still unspoil’d.


Yes, God made man and woman, then He said that it was “GOOD.”

God loves to be with people. Coming to your neighborhood!


The Christ became a human, born a babe in Bethlehem.

He grew up perfect, sinless; Yes, He show’d us how it’s done.


He never lied, He never stole, nor murder’d anyone.

Our sinful lives cause hurt and lies so Justice must be done!


Our lives have hurt God’s feelings. We hurt others-Feel the Pain!

But Jesus paid our penalties so we won’t burn in flames.


He bought us life eternal. On the cross, He died to save

To give us Love and Peace and Joy and Freedom for sin’s slaves.


Please come to Jesus, Start anew forgiven, born again.

Yes, In his blood be washed today while turning from your sins.


Jesus can live inside of you. His Pow’r can set you free.

Your clean life whole, forgiven with pure light for you to see.


***Written in Williwaw Park Wasilla, AK working with GraceWorks Ministries.  http://www.graceworksak.com

Our kids and team did the background while Shelby Andrews performed “The Voice” July 27, 2016