Healing Time 4.10.2016

Healing Time 4.10.2016

May 8, 1980 a drug deal went bad, and 2 friends lost friendships. One 34 year old man went to collect $2000 from a drug deal from a 32 year old friend. The other guy had been misinformed and was very afraid. During the ensuing argument, Pete stabbed Danny and missed Danny’s heart by ¼ inch.

Danny was high and almost didn’t go to the doctor, but his wife insisted. Danny’s left lung was filling with blood. Danny lived.


Over 35 years later, Pete is in need of peace. Rick Pearson had been ministering to him, and Pete was under serious conviction. Pete knew he had serious bitterness issues and would have to forgive. He came to church last Sunday because Rick Pearson invited him. Pete was greeted at the door and he left a visitor card. The church sent a visitor’s packet, and someone tried to call to go see him, but he didn’t answer the phone. Pete called me back and I talked and prayed with him asking God to help Pete forgive and turn away from anything that could come between Pete and God. Pete didn’t want me to come see him right away, but wanted to come to church.


Well after Sunday School had started at 9:30, Pete and his wife, Kathy, showed up and I greeted them at the door. It was obvious to me that they needed to talk. Rick C. covered the greeting duty for me so I could devote the time to Pete and Kathy.

Pete and Kathy were confused about religious words of “rededication,” “salvation,” and probably many other “buzzwords” we use in Church rather than stick to the simple truth of the Gospel. I went through a Gospel tract written by Billy Graham called Simple Steps.

Pete and Kathy BOTH realized that if they died they would not go to heaven and that they did need to have Christ in their hearts. 1 John 5:12, 13 explained that “he that has the Son, HAS life and he that does not have the Son, does NOT have life.” I explained that they can KNOW that they HAVE eternal life, as mentioned in that passage. John 1:12 explains that we “receive Him” like a gift.


Pete and Kathy both received Christ, turning away from their old lives to start all over in Christ.


Now Danny’s story.

Danny had been an addict for many years and had suffered many ways at the hand of that cruel Slavemaster Addiction. Danny has come to Christ and been attending meetings to help his recovery. Danny can’t drive and needs a ride to get to church, so I had the privilege of taking him.

Danny was at church this morning when Pete and Kathy came forward to publicly profess Christ as their new Lord. This is the old Pete that had stabbed Danny many years ago and had lost the friendship.


When Danny saw Pete, he immediately came forward to embrace his old friend and there was a TON of healing for BOTH of them!!! Both had become new creations in Christ and BOTH were required to forgive. It was now so easy, because the love of God was filling BOTH their new lives.


Praise God!!!!